Thor crosses the Bifrost as a lightning bolt perfectly follows the path of a rainbow.

Photograph by Birk Möbius

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Blót to Þórr

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Even in my absence I’m astounded with how many people like the crap I post. Thank you!

  • Question: What do you think about lokeans and rokkatru? Just friendly asking here - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Lokeans and Rokkatruar…. Hmm… Well considering I used to be a Lokean and the majority of the kindred I gather is Rokkatruar, I say they deserve fair practice as much as any other Heathen.






  • Tells people not to smoke cigarettes due to health risks. 
    They do it anyway.
  • Tells people not to drink and drive. 
    They do it anyway.
  • Tells people not to have unprotected sex due to health risks. 
    They do it anyway.
  • Tells people not to drive without their seat belts on. 
    They do it anyway.
  • Tells people not to text and drive. 
    They do it anyway.
  • Tells people not to do dangerous drugs. 
    They do it anyway.
  • Tells people not to keep their cars unlocked due to possible theft.
    They do it anyway.
  • Tells people not to keep their homes unlocked due to possible theft. 
    They do it anyway.
  • Tells women not to consume drugs or alcohol during pregnancy. 
    They do it anyway.
  • Tells people not to abuse animals. 
    They do it anyway.
  • Tells people not to abuse other people. 
    They do it anyway.
  • Tells people not to eat meat too rare due to health risks. 
    They do it anyway.
  • Tells people not to keep their guns where children can access them. 
    They do it anyway.
  • Tells people not to steal. 
    They do it anyway.
  • Tells people not to murder. 
    They do it anyway.

How’s all that telling people not to do shit working out? I’m pretty sure those without a moral compass don’t give a fuck what you think they should or shouldn’t do.


  • Tells men they can’t be the victims of sexual assault
  • Tells boys that when a woman rapes them its okay because they wanted it.
  • Tells men they deserve to be hit by women because they probably did something wrong.
  • Tells men that sacrificing his goals and aspirations for a woman is what “real men” do.
  • Tells men they aren’t allowed to have preferences on body because that’s sexist or body shaming.
  • Tells men that its their duty to protect women from danger even at the risk of their own lives because its what “real men” do.
  • Tells men they have privilege and so their problems don’t count.


CONCLUSION: Some people do fucked up things because some people have no moral guidance and do not care if you tell them they are wrong. Blaming men for rape is not helping, it is only perpetuating the idea that only men rape, men can somehow stop rape, and women never lie about rape — all of which are false. Telling people not to do things does not work. Even the death penalty is not a deterrent from murder because people still kill each other in Texas and they have the highest rate of death row executions.

Believe it or not, the world is a scary place that will never be completely safe as long as people are free to make their own choices even at the risk of harming themselves. It is imperative that people learn how to protect themselves from becoming victims. I believe that women being told to be safe and protect themselves from violence or rape is purely a consideration for their well being that is not offensive. The fact that men are never told to be safe while they are three times more likely to be victims of homicide reinforces that society’s concerns are most definitely in favor of protecting women while men are simply disposable and not worthy of consideration at all for their safety and well being. Some may argue that because statistically men are the main perpetrators of violence against other men that it is only the fault of men but this only highlights the disposable attitude towards men because we don’t question nor do we as a society care how they got that way. This is shown to be absolutely true due to the lack of male services or support groups. In a recent study, it was found that men are not inherently violent and that more men equals less violence and more peace. This is a blow to the typical stereotype that men are violent in nature.

In ending this I want to bring attention to the fact that a female prison in Oklahoma had the highest rate of rape between inmates in the United States at 15.3%. Women are just as capable of rape as men are and the issue is not about gender but about fucked up people with no moral compass who, quite frankly, do not give a shit about your picket signs, your posters, or your blog posts telling them not to rape. Essentially, you are talking to a brick wall and throwing an entire gender under the bus while you do it.

I’mma just leave this here because rape, abuse, assault, molestation, and discrimination are all wrong, no matter the gender or the age. I don’t care if you’re the victim is a boy or a girl, I will sympathize with them equally.

Holy shit. I dig this.

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For all the thousands of gods that we know, there are thousands even more. Some have names and faces and some have neither. Obscurity is a weapon, but who wields it is the key. Is it hiding or is it hidden? Whispers in the dark can be anyone who has a voice. 

Limits are made by men, not gods. 

And how many gods were once men?

Tread carefully.

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if anyone remembers the story that was making rounds a while back about a 19 year old discovering the solution to cleaning up the pacific garbage patch, that project launched a…

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